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    QGA Announces Recognition Program for “Smart Growth” Projects

    The Quality Growth Alliance (QGA) has launched a new program recognizing pre-entitlement development projects that contribute to smart growth, such as developments in walkable neighborhoods, and close to transit and employment centers.

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    TOD & Urban Center Report

    What are the top barriers to vibrant urban centers and successful transit-oriented development in this region? A new report completed by the University of Washington commissioned by the QGA tackles this question and proposes solutions.

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    ULI Reality Check Report Thumb

    Reality Check Final Report

    When asked “How do we want to grow over the next 30 years?” what areas did 250 key regional leaders – from business owners, environmentalists, mayors,  developers, to community activists share agreement? You might be surprised by their responses. To read more, download the PDF here: RealityCheckFinalReport

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    Reality Check Growth Scenario Analyses

    Where exactly did each of the 30 Reality Check tables place people and jobs? And how did they score on greenhouse gas emissions? Detailed table analyses are available.

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